Potential Faculty Mentors

(Potential Mentors: To list projects for possible student collaboration, complete the Application for Listing as a Potential Research Mentor)

Dental Hygiene & Dentistry Students: The following potential Faculty Mentors have listed their research projects here in order to seek possible research collaboration with one or more Dental Hygiene or Dentistry Students. A potential Student Researcher should contact the Faculty Member directly in order to discuss such collaboration before submitting an Application for Wage Support under the Student Research Program.

Faculty Name: Timothy B. Followell

Potential Projects: Oral Health Literacy of Caregivers of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) - This project is aimed at assessing the understanding of oral health among paid and unpaid care providers of adults with IDD by means of administering a battery of questionnaires.

Student Skills: The primary responsibility will be to be present during clinic hours on selected days to administer the survey instruments to the care providers who are bringing the patients to their appointments. The student will be expected to maintain proper organization of these documents and to communicate effectively with the resident and faculty regarding the project. The student would also be welcome to participate in the study design if interested and available.

Student Restrictions: This study is planned on being performed during the summer/fall of 2015, so a student who is graduating in 2015 will not be able to participate.

Faculty Name: Do-Gyoon Kim

Potential Projects: Research interests include biomechanics of oral bone and bone-implant interface, X-ray (cone-beam and micro-computed tomography) based 3D image analysis, and mechanobiology. Projects are directed toward transferring research based knowledge to clinical practice.

Student Skills: MS Office skill (Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.). Engineering background is preferred but not required.