The Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) program at the Ohio State University supports one of the largest groups of PNI researchers in the world. Members of the program are spread across various colleges at Ohio State including the College of Dentistry. The multidisciplinary field of PNI focuses on the bidirectional communication pathways through which the immune, endocrine and nervous systems affect each other. Research among the investigators in the program focuses on regulation of inflammatory and immune responses at the cellular and molecular levels using both humans and animal models. We are particularly interested in the immunoregulatory roles of the nervous and endocrine systems and how these systems are affected by behavioral stress. Stress results in a predictable body-wide set of physiologic adaptations that are activated to restore homeostasis. These adaptational responses are principally mediated by activation of the nervous and endocrine systems which intersect and modulate inflammatory and immune responses. Communication among the nervous, endocrine and immune systems is accomplished through the sharing of common glands and receptors. Therefore, it is the general working hypothesis of the program that interactions among the nervous, endocrine and immune systems modulate diverse physiological processes such as resistance to infection, development of inflammatory disease, and initiation of tissue repair.

Michael Bailey PhD
Associate Professor, College of Medicine

John Sheridan PhD
Professor, Division of Biosciences