Research Day Awards 2010 and earlier


1st place Dental Student Award - Yirae Kang 
"A Comparison of Histology and Micro-CT Evaluations for Regenerated Bone"

2nd place Dental Student Award - Matthew Mason
"Contributions of Ethnicity to Composition of the Supragingival Biofilm"

3rd place Dental Student Award - James Heaton
"Reliability of Resin Cement Try-In Shades in Color Determination"

1st place Graduate Student Award - Heidi Snider
"OX40L Mediates Susceptibility to Chronic L. Donovani Infection"

2nd place Graduate Student Award - Letitia Randall
"Bone Remodeling in Maxilla and Mandible of Skeletally Immature Dogs"

Post Doctoral Fellow Award - Meng Tong
"Epithelial-to-Endothelial Transition - An Epithelial Phenotypic Modulation Facilitating Oral-Squamous-Cell Carcinoma Progression"

CTSA Best Clinical & Translational Abstract - Michael Trimarchi
"Social Stress Effects on Asthma - A Role for Osteopontin"


1st Place ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Award Competitor - Byungdo (Brian) Han

2nd Place Alumni Merit Award Winner - Andrew Holpuch

3rd Place Alumni Achievement Award Winner - Brandon Lloyd

2009 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

  • 1st Place - Erin Gross, Graduate Student 
  • 2nd Place - Rebecca Allen 
  • Post Doctoral Award - Nicole Powell


1st Place PhD/Resident Awards - Jacqueline Mays

2nd Place - Alireza Moshaverina

Post Doctoral Award - Nicole Powell


1st place and recipient of the SCADA award sponsored by Dentsply - Jaqueline Mays 

2nd place and recipient of the Alumni Research Merit Award - Heidi Sneider

3rd place and recipient of the Alumni Research Achievement Award - David Gailey