Research Day Awards 2016

Dean's Awards for Excellence in Research

Dental Student Award

Kyung Min - 1st place ($500)

Eileen Gulertekin - 2nd place ($250)

Megan Fellows - 3rd place ($100)

Graduate Student Award

Caroline Sawicki - 1st place ($500)

Danny Nemeth - 2nd place ($250)

Khaled Altabtbaei - 3rd place ($100)

Post Doctoral Fellow Award

Mike Weber ($500)

CTSA Best Clinical & Translational Abstract

Khaled Altabtbaei ($250)

Other Awards

The Ohio State University ADA/DENTSPLY Student Clinician
​Caroline Sawicki

The Ohio State University Alumni Merit Award
​Kyung Min

The Ohio State University Alumni Achievement Award
Eileen Gulertekin