Research Day Awards 2018

Faculty “Paper of the Year” Awards

Category: Basic Research

Title: Conditional alpl ablation phenocopies dental defects of hypophosphatasia
Journal of Dental Research. 96(1):81-91, 2017.

Authors: Foster BL, Kuss P, Yadav MC, Kolli TNNarisawa S, Lukashova L, Cory E, Sah RL, Somerman MJ, Millán JL

Category: Clinical Research

Title: Evidence-based clinical practice guideline for the evaluation of potentially malignant disorders in the oral cavity: a report of the American Dental Association
Journal of the American Dental Association. 148(10):712-727, 2017.

Authors: Lingen MW, Abt E, Agrawal N, Chaturvedi AK, Cohen E, D'Souza G, Gurenlian J, Kalmar JR, Kerr AR, Lambert PM, Patton LL, Sollecito TP, Truelove E, Tampi MP, Urquhart O, Banfield L, Carrasco-Labra A

Category: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health Research

Title: Evaluation of objective structured clinical examination for advanced orthodontic education 12 years after introduction
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 151(5):840-850, 2017.

Authors: Fields HWKim DGJeon MFirestone AR, Sun ZShanker SMercado AMDeguchi TVig KWL

Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Research

Dental Student Award

1st place: Seth Nye, D4

2nd place: Syrus Haghighi, D3

3rd place:  Kimberly Holmes, D1

Graduate Student Award

1st place: Daniel Nemeth, Graduate Student, Y2 – Oral Biology PhD Program

2nd place: Wichurat Sakulpaptong, DDS, Resident Y2, Division of Periodontology, Graduate Student Y4, Oral Biology PhD Program

3rd place: Michael Chavez, Graduate Fellow, Y1 – Comprehensive Training in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences (CTOC), Oral Biology PhD Program

Center for Clinical and Translational Science Best Clinical and Translational Abstract

Daniel Nemeth, Graduate Student Y2, Oral Biology PhD Program

Post-doctoral Fellow Award

Kalyanasundar Balasubramanian, Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Biosciences

OSU ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Award  

Syrus Haghighi, D3

OSU Alumni Merit Award

Kimberly Holmes, D1

OSU Alumni Achievement Award

Caitlin Kiracofe, D2