Student Research Program Support Application

Note: As noted in the Student Research Program description, the GPA generally required of successful applicants is 3.00 at a minimum.
The research proposal must be composed by the student, in cooperation with the mentor(s). Describe the significance of the project, the specific aim(s), and the hypothesis(es) to be tested, even if the hypothesis-testing phase may be delayed until the appropriate technique is mastered. Briefly describe the method(s) to be utilized. Indicate clearly the contributions of the student and the mentor(s) to this research project. Limit this proposal to an absolute maximum of one-page in length using one-inch margins and a 12-point font.
If a student has clinic or other obligations during this coming summer, this must be described and justified in the following conditions. A necessary condition for receiving wage support through the Student Research Program of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is that the student agrees to present a report of the research experiences and accomplishments at the next scheduled College of Dentistry Research Day. The primary Mentor also agrees to provide support, through the College of Dentistry, for the preparation of the appropriate presentation materials. Additional conditions for conducting this research project are to be provided here:
Describe all previous support for research, with dates of support and the involved mentor.